Reading Comprehension Specialist

Jane Offutt, PhD, Comprehension Specialist-

      • Jane Offutt learned about reading comprehension as a graduate student, but she began her academic career as an English major.
      • She attended Allegheny College where she earned a B.A. in English.
      • She attended University of Pittsburgh where she earned a M.A.T. in Secondary English and a Ph.D. degree in Learning and Instruction. She received her reading specialist certification.
      • She devised a patented curriculum which teaches re-reading strategies. Learning to re-read improves reading comprehension scores assessment  tests.
      • She taught in a suburban Pittsburgh school district for more than 25 years.  She worked as a Title 1 Reading Specialist and as a HS English teacher.
      • She was awarded a patent for ACCOMPLISH READING
      • She is certified by Allegheny Co. as a Woman Owned Business (PA UPC Program). DBE Certification #15000.