Reading Comprehension Specialist

Jane Offutt, PhD, Comprehension Specialist-

      • Jane Offutt learned about reading comprehension as a graduate student, but she began her academic career as an English major.
      • She attended Allegheny College where she earned a B.A. in English.
      • She attended University of Pittsburgh where she earned a M.A.T. in Secondary English and a Ph.D. degree in Learning and Instruction. She received her reading specialist certificate.
      • She taught in a  Pittsburgh area school district for more than 25 years.  She worked as a Title 1 Reading Specialist and as a HS English teacher.
      • Accomplish Reading is a patented curriculum which is one of the best apps for improving  reading comprehension. It is also one of the best apps for improving scores on state assessment  tests because it teaches students to look back at passages before answering the questions.
      • Accomplish Reading was awarded a patent by the U.S Office of Patents and Trademarks.
      • She is certified by Allegheny Co. as a Woman Owned Business (PA UPC Program). DBE Certification #15000.
      • Accomplish Reading awarded  5 star certification by the Educational App Store (