Best App Reading Comprehension

Accomplish Reading -Best Reading App – Free 

  •  This App  improves kids’  English reading comprehension. It downloads to Apple iPads for free!
  • The App provides Immediate feedback, telling students  if they’ve answered incorrectly.   Direct instruction prompts help students learn how to answer correctly. The app  acts as a personal tutor.  This is personalizes learning (https://accomplishonline.com/immediate-reinforcement-diagram/)
  • The app uses direct instruction to prompt  students to re-read.  Why is re-reading important?  Assessment tests tell students to “look back at the passage to help you answer the question.” “Looking back” or “re-reading”  eliminates random guessing on multiple-choice tests.
  •  The app teaches students  to re-read, a strategy which improves comprehension and test scores on assessment tests.
  •  Educational App Store evaluates hundreds of educational apps. Their app store  evaluated  “Accomplish Reading” and gave it 5 STARS !
  • https://www.educationalappstore.com/app/accomplish-reading

     Free downloads to Apple iPads and Apple Manager.