Better Reading Instruction

Accomplish Reading App:  Better Reading Instruction

 Better  English Reading Instruction

      • Students learn to read better because they learn to read carefully.
      • Students, importantly, learn to not guess when answering a question answer

 Direct Instruction  

      • The App uses direct instruction to teach the skill of re-reading.
      • Direct instruction and “wait time” help students learn to read carefully and respond correctly.

 Immediate Feedback 

      •  Immediate feedback helps students   learn quickly.
      • The computer “waits” while they not only re-read but learn the importance of answering questions carefully.
      • “Wait time” and direct instruction  simulate working with a personal tutor.

 Positive Teacher Review

      • A teacher who reviewed “Accomplish Reading,  states,  “This app  helps users improve the quality of their reading comprehension. There are apps on the market that help with the phonics side of reading, but few that help with reading comprehension. This is one of few apps on the market with better instruction for improved reading comprehension.”  –
      • Click on this link to go to Educational App Store for additional reviews
      • https://www.educationalappstore.com/app/accomplish-reading

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