Personalized Instruction

 Personalized Instruction.

What does “personalized instruction” mean?  It means that the app acts as a personal tutor. Students know instantly whether or not an answer is correct.  If they answer incorrectly, the app provides direct instruction so that they are better able to answer subsequent questions correctly.

Learning to  re-read.   Why is re-reading important?  Re-reading  improves reading comprehension and it helps students do better on reading tests.  Standardized  tests encourage students to “look back at the passage.” “Looking back” helps students  answer the question.”  “Looking back” also  eliminates random guessing on multiple-choice tests. “Looking back” and re-reading helps students do better on tests and improve their reading scores.

Educational App Store provides teacher reviews and commentary on how Accomplish Reading helps students learn to re-read.


Comprehension Monitoring: 

Click on this link to learn  about comprehension monitoring and reading comprehension https://accomplishonline.com/comprehension-monitoring/

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ACCOMPLISH READING® App,  a short-term reading program helps students in Grades 3-8 to better develop reading skills. Most students will be able to work independently. As they finish lessons, they will feel proud to show their scores to a parent or teacher.

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