Q & A – Download App

Q & A – Download App

ACCOMPLISH READING® is a short term reading program that improves  students reading comprehension skills by training them to  re-read.  Re-reading is an important reading strategy that improves  comprehension and test scores.

Free Download to Apple Tablets

Does ACCOMPLISH READING® work on all generations of Apple iPads?

  • Yes, ACCOMPLISH READING® works on iPads. However, if you have  an early generation iPad, text intended to be blocked may show through.

  • You can go to Settings/General/Accessibility and turn on Reduce Transparency to block text that might show through in Parts D and E.

Does ACCOMPLISH READING® have a privacy policy?

Yes, ACCOMPLISH READING  complies with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).  Go to https://accomplishonline.com/privacy-policy/