Best App Reading

Accomplish Reading – Best App  for Improving Reading Comprehension.

The App uses innovative  methods to helps kids improve their reading comprehension.

It  provides Immediate feedback, telling students  if they’ve answered incorrectly.   Direct instruction tells  students what they need to do  to answer correctly.

The app  acts as a personal tutor.  https://accomplishonline.com/personalized-learning/

 Direct instruction to prompt  students to re-read.  Why is re-reading important?  Assessment tests tell students to “look back at the passage to help you answer the question.” “Looking back” or “re-reading”  eliminates random guessing on multiple-choice tests.

 The app teaches students  to re-read, a strategy which improves comprehension and test scores.  

“Accomplish Reading” was rated 5 STARS by Educational App Store, which  evaluates hundreds of educational apps. https://www.educationalappstore.com/app/accomplish-reading

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